A question about a greek orthodox saint

How the Greek Orthodox religion differs from all others.

A question about a greek orthodox saint

Postby Alexej65 » Sat May 22, 2010 4:27 am

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I have a question about an orthodox saint, the Saint Maruthas or Maruta. As I know, my surname Marouthis is agionymic and I have noticed that in Greece exists a number of surnames (Maroudas, Marouthas, Maroutas, Maroutis, Maroudis, Marouthidis ) who are like my surname based on the name of the Orthodox Saint Maruthas or also known as Maruta and Maruda. Can somebody tell me please, are there places in my homeland Lakonia were Saint Marouthas is venerated?

It would be interesting to find out the roots of my surname.
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