responsibilities of a Greek Orthodox godmother

How the Greek Orthodox religion differs from all others.

responsibilities of a Greek Orthodox godmother

Postby venderlo » Sun May 31, 2009 8:30 am

Hey, i wonder if anyone can help me, after trawling the net i haven't managed to find any very useful info. My brother and his wife are both Greek Orthodox and are baptising their 6 month old son next month and have asked me to be the Godmother. Naturally i am thrilled although somewhat apprehensive as from my understanding within the ceremony i will have an integral contributory role but i'm not sure what this consists of i.e. do i need to bring anything/buy a particular present? i'm reluctant to ask them because they're modest and wouldn't want to ask anything of me yet i want to make a good impression and perform this important role properly. sorry for the essay ANY suggestions/guidance would be very helpful, thankyou!
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Postby triandafil » Fri Oct 16, 2009 8:07 am

Good day. My name is Triandafil, I am ortodox priest in Romania. I need a help. In your country are flags of Bizantion Impire. Can somebody to send my, for money, of course, a bizantion flag? Can you ask your friend for help my? For my bizantion hard, is very important. God blase you all and thank you. I/m sorry for my poor english.
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