Greek family dating traditions

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Greek family dating traditions

Postby LisaMarie » Thu Jul 24, 2003 8:20 am

Hi, I am hoping that someone can help me shed some light on understanding Greek dating traditions from a non-greek point of view. I have been dating my Greek boyfriend for a year now. I have met his parents, sister, and cousins but his parents have said that we can't be formally introduced to other family members until we are engaged.
I am an English girl whom is four years older than my partner (I am 28 and he is 24). His Father has showed some concern about the age gap (which to me and my family, friend etc isn't even an issue).
I feel upset and hurt because his family never include me in any family celebrations or gatherings yet mine now treat him as an important part of our family as we are very serious about future intentions.
I always show respect to his family, respecting their wishes, sending greetings cards at Easter, Christmas, and birthdays. Sending presents for the children in the family on such occasions but never receive even a thankyou which has now resulted in me feeling an outcast and not wanted.
He reassures me that it is all in the name of tradition but how can I respect such values that make me feel so hurt and unwanted.
We have talked of marriage and a life long future but how can I get married in a greek orthodox church, bear children under his parents names, and bring them up with these values when all it has made me feel is hurt?
My partner is Australian born and treats me like a princess and doesnt nescessarily agree with these traditions but conforms to them for the sake of greek tradition and his parents.
Although there is so much more to it I am scared of being part of a family that will never accept me, and continually make me feel hurt.
I love my partner so won't leave and will stand by him but it is so very hard sometimes. I still have respect for their continual tradition but find it hard to take on at times when I can't quite comprehend the motive. Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated. Even what is the norm in dating within the Greek culture. Hope to hear from someone who can shed some light soon. Lisa Marie xx
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Hang In There

Postby Emily » Sat Nov 08, 2003 9:22 am

I am going through the same discrimanation as you but beleive me you will be accepted into their family. Continue to be respectful and do all you can do, I am hopeful they will see the beautiful qualities your mate has seen.
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Re: Greek family dating traditions

Postby Luxur333 » Wed Aug 10, 2016 12:24 am

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