Any Greeks in Dallas, Texas??

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Any Greeks in Dallas, Texas??

Postby Turkish-Greek » Sun Feb 27, 2005 9:21 pm

Hello my fellow Hellenes,

I have been looking for Greeks to meet in Dallas area but could not manage to find one yet... Well, I have just found one on the internet but could not meet her yet.

There are some racists on both Turkish and Greek sides. I do not know about the majority in this forum but I'm a Turk who believes in the fellowship of Turks & Greeks. God is my witness, I'm even trying to find a Greek lady as a candidate for my bride :) our cultures are so close!! I'll be a satisfied man, when I see that the peace 100% settled on both sides of Aegean sea.

Anyways, any tips where I can find Greeks to meet in Dallas area?

And, how can you write "hello", "How are you?", "goodbye" in Greek by using Latin alphabet??

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