Niece of President Karamanlis Defrauding Greek Americans?

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Niece of President Karamanlis Defrauding Greek Americans?

Postby Tristar » Wed Jan 08, 2003 8:50 am

To all Greeks & readers of this forum,
If you or someone you know has been defrauded of a retainer fee or other funds by Athina Karamanlis and Helen Pappas, of Karamanlis, Pappas, Powers & Associates, " International Attorneys," please contact me by E-mail or call the New York City District Attorney's office at 212-335-9258.
Athina Karamanlis and Helen Pappas are not licensed, registered, incorporated or listed as attorneys anywhere in the United States. They use interchangeably the titles of Doctor, Esquire, International Attorney and consultant, with Athina Karamanlis falsely claiming to be the niece of the President of Greece. Helen Pappas, is also Dr. Harlan Powers, an identity with false credentials used to fraudulently represent herself as both the second and third persons in their firm name of Karamanlis, Pappas, Powers & Associates.
Persons responding to their ads are often met with in attorney club study rooms, libraries, or temporary offices where they are defrauded of large retainer fees. Others have been defrauded through Internet and electronic money transfers. The victims are evaded and eventually discouraged through the false attorney's use of frequently replaced cell phone numbers and false addresses. The New York and nationwide telephone directories have no listings for Karamanlis, Pappas, Powers & Associates. All office addresses provided by Athina Karamanlis & Helen Pappas aka Dr. Harlan Powers, have proven to be false.
Your assistance is essential in helping to stem the high rate of fraud committed by individuals misrepresenting themselves as International, Immigration or adoption attorneys and defrauding their victims of large retainers or application fees. A significant amount of these crimes are perpetrated against Americans with inheritance issues overseas, foreign nationals seeking legal representation in the US and prospective adopters of children worldwide.
The fraudulent Karamanlis, Pappas, Powers & Associates website previously found at has been deleted.
Copies of their deleted web sites, false credentials, photos, audio, and other documents are available to interested parties on request.
Thank You,
George Manolakos

Re: Niece of President Karamanlis Defrauding Greek Americans

Postby carolgreen873 » Fri Sep 21, 2012 8:38 pm

yes ,good information and good to share it with uss
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