St. Basil Day info please

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St. Basil Day info please

Postby Merriwind » Sun Jul 08, 2007 4:25 pm

Dear Friends-

I am writing a middle grade adventure book about holidays around the world. I am looking for information about Greece?s Feast of St. Basil Day on January 1. I would like to know what it would be like to be at a family St. Basil celebration, as though I came along with a family member or dear friend. I would love to know particularly about the role and experience of children in the celebration too. Food, dress, customs, games, etc.

I?ve read that name celebrations are important in Greece too. How would St. Basil?s Day be different/special for a child name Vassilios? Are there any regions or towns in which it might be particularly fun to celebrate St. Basil?s Day?with festivals, pubilc events, etc? Any and all information would be so appreciated!

I have written two books for children about using the Internet, as well as dozens of articles on a variety of topics. This is my first foray into commercial fiction. As the book is still being written, I have not yet attempted to sell it. However, my publishing record is good and I am confident that my book meets a need in today?s marketplace. I am sure it will sell. Of course, I will acknowledge any and all persons who provide me with help and information.

If you can help me learn about a St. Basil?s Day celebration, please email me at

Many thanks,
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